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Journal Research

I figured I would share some of the findings from my chosen academic journal, as this is what I have been working on lately. My Journal is titled Journalism and Mass Communication Educator. The issue I chose to draw from contains nine articles; four in-depth studies and five book reviews. The research study articles all seem to follow the general theme of journalism in the modern age. The first discusses online journalism and seeks out to discover possible discrepancies between teaching online journalism and actually practicing it in the field. The second article compares successful online journals in order to try and discover why they are so successful. The third article strays from that theme, as it is a study on burnout and job satisfaction among newspaper editors. Finally, the fourth article examines the necessity for professionalizm to remain in online journalism. Completing the analysis of published discourse has been my main focus lately, so I figured I would share a bit of that in this blog post.


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Response to the ‘Mobile Phone’ Misnomer

This posting really grabbed my attention, because it brings up a valid question: in this day and age, can we even call these devices we are using mobile phones? There is a really neat graphic that accompanies this article. A study in the uk was conducted regarding what smartphones are being used for most often; at the top of the list was browsing the Internet. What makes this post so relevant is that I’m reading it and typing this post on a so-called phone right now, and I haven’t used my phone to actually make a call in about two days; but all the while in between I’ve been using it to check Facebook, twitter, email, and text messaging. None of these really fits the very definition of a phone, which is a sound-transmitting device. Another point he makes, and one that I now share, is that it’s almost troubling to refer to these devices as phones, because they’re far from it.

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My Blog Findings

Good evening readers. I’d like to begin my second posting here by delving into a bit of the research I’ve done so far regarding my major. Contrary to what I’ve been told time and time again by english teachers, I’ve found most of the answers to my discourse questions through the web. Given the nature of my discipline and many others, along with the ever-increasing technology in the age we’re currently living in, it seems that most of the newest ideas and practices are springing up and being done online.

One fine and extremely relevant example is the type of domain I’m typing on; more specifically, the blog. Blogs have been one of the most common resources I’ve come across in researching my discipline. One can find a blog for literally any and every specialization within journalism and even for specializations within specializations. Kind of like Inception.

So far, the blogs which have intrigued me the most are the personal blogs kept by professionals in my discipline. These journalists have been working in the field for quite some time and their postings range from current events to opinion pieces on emerging trends. My favorite blog so far has to be the personal blog of Jeff Jarvis, which you can visit here. Jarvis has worked for many different media companies over the years, but what draws me to this blog more than others is his writing style and the postings he makes. His posts seem to focus on current events as well as current trends in media, which is something myself and others enjoy reading.

I will be sure to follow his blog and include it in my research paper. Blogs, so far, have proven to be an integral player in my discipline, so I know that I must do some further research into the web-community that surrounds it.

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A Little About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Brooks and I’m a sophomore Journalism major here at Georgia Southern. I aspire to be an automotive journalist someday, so I figured this is where I should start. During my freshman year I was a Graphic Design major, but, after a little soul-searching, I realized it wasn’t for me. Cars have always been something I could talk endlessly about, so I feel like the path I’ve chosen is the right one so far. In addition to talking about cars, I also enjoy photography, music, and, more recently, getting my money’s worth out of our recreation facility. So that’s a bit about me; what about you?