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Journal Analysis Research

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All-in-all, my journal analysis research is completed, save a few items. I’ve enjoyed this assignment quite a bit more than the discourse overview, as it is much more straight forward and easy to find information. The parts I’ve been focusing on most are the article structure and content section. My journal is arranged in that the several studies are first in the journal and are followed by separate book reviews later on in the journal. Uniformity is definitely present in the journal I’ve chosen, as all of the study-based articles share the same headings, save a few differences. Each of the study-based articles also include methodology and literature review sections. Within the methodology section, there is detailed information regarding exactly how research was conducted and gathered in each scenario. In addition to these two sections, which showed up in every article, there were also sections containing the actual questions for each of the studies. Going back to the beginning of my journal’s articles, you see repeating themes as well. Every one has an abstract, which is about five sentences long, and is followed by five to eight introductory paragraphs. Staying on the first page, the author/s information, including their places of study and job title, is listed at the bottom of the page. And now, jumping to the end of the articles, my journal’s authors cite their sources within endnotes, which of course range in length, and follow the actual written conclusion of the study. In working on the journal analysis worksheet, I’ve discovered many things I may not have otherwise noticed about my journal. As I complete my research, I will hopefully be able to create a substantial journal article of my own for this major assignment.


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