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Crossing the Channel (A Response Post)

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I return to Jeff Jarvis’ blog this week to find some insight on innovation going on in other parts of the world. Germany is in my top three as far as places I want to travel to and he mentions traveling to Germany quite often because he sees innovation taking place here. So, however trivial my attraction may be, I proceeded to read through the article. He uses John Paton, a sucessful pioneer of digital-first news who’s work was overlooked in America because it was in Spanish. It was only when Paton took over two English language papers that the world took notice of his innovative work. Jarvis introduces Paton in order to better explain why he keeps traveling to Germany. Wolfgang Blau, a sucessful editor-in-chief for an online news source, stands out to Jarvis because of his innovative ideas, but, much like the case with Paton, his ideas aren’t influencing the English-speaking world, because they are in German. Jarvis’ post is also meant to congratulate Blau, as he was just offered a job at The Guardian, Jarvis’ favorite newspaper and one he feels will challenge the major publications in the United States in this new digital age.

This brief article stood out to me because it was centered around another country’s innovative minds. The point Jarvis is trying to make, I think, is that the great media powers in our country need to put more effort into exploring what innovative ideas are taking place abroad, even if it means having to break language barriers in the process.

Within this posting, Jarvis includes three external links. The first being to a previous posting of his own, regarding the change in the newspaper industry that is taking place currently. The other two are links to official announcements of Wolfgang Blau’s acceptance to The Guardian; on The Guardian’s own website and Zeit Online (Blau’s online news site).


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