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Profession Themes

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As I look through current calls for papers, academic journals, and studies, I am finding that one theme presents itself the most often. This theme is a product of the point in time we are living in. More specifically, it regards how technology is changing the field of journalism and in turn what needs to be done to keep up with the changes. A majority of the articles in my journal, for example, regard the teaching of new media practices and making sure that students interested in the field are learning what they need to in order to be beneficial in the actual field. In other calls for papers I have come across, it is evident that important traditions in journalism are still being stressed. Things like media ethics, media law, and the business side of media production.

This recurring theme of journalism in the modern age of technology undoubtedly makes sense. Journals and universities are looking for academics who are able to write about and offer insight on new technology and how it’s affecting and will continue to affect the field in the future. The other themes make sense too, as it is difficult to enstill knowledge on a new technology within the field if students do not have a strong understanding of the basics. With more and more new studies, there will come more and more understanding of just what this new technology means for the industry and discipline as a whole, but for now, there is a lot that is still unknown.


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