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Response to the ‘Mobile Phone’ Misnomer

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This posting really grabbed my attention, because it brings up a valid question: in this day and age, can we even call these devices we are using mobile phones? There is a really neat graphic that accompanies this article. A study in the uk was conducted regarding what smartphones are being used for most often; at the top of the list was browsing the Internet. What makes this post so relevant is that I’m reading it and typing this post on a so-called phone right now, and I haven’t used my phone to actually make a call in about two days; but all the while in between I’ve been using it to check Facebook, twitter, email, and text messaging. None of these really fits the very definition of a phone, which is a sound-transmitting device. Another point he makes, and one that I now share, is that it’s almost troubling to refer to these devices as phones, because they’re far from it.


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